About Us

Husband and wife, Robbie and Rebecca met in 2012, and started what is a whimsical romance full of love, passion, and tenderness. For us both, we instantly knew this was our once in a lifetime kind of love. We got married in 2016, which began our trying to conceive (TTC) and infertility journey. With a diagnosis of a Low Ovarian Reserve and Asthenospermia, we are still currently working on growing our family.

Though we have no kids (yet), our home is still full of love. We have a golden retriever/ husky mix Buck, and two cats, Hemingway, and Rocco, who mean the world to us.

“This is Ours” is my little passion project to help those going through infertility know they aren’t alone, and those who aren’t, have a little more incite into the world of infertility. As you read on, I hope you come to admire the strength, dedication, and resilience of every single individual who goes through this journey.

As every story unfolds, this is ours…

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